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  • Are your products original?
    Yes, all of the products that we have a contract with and that I am the dealer of are original and can be queried from the barcode numbers.
  • Do You Have Retail Sales of Occupational Safety Products?
    Although we mainly sell wholesale, you can obtain your retail requests from our website or from our virtual stores.
  • How can I order your Occupational Safety Products?
    For wholesale purchases of our occupational safety products, you can give at least 1000 TRY by calling our Customer Service on 0850 420 44 74 or from our website.
  • How Do I Reach Me When I Buy Occupational Safety Products?
    Our Occupational Safety products are sent to Turkey by our Contracted Cargo, MNG Cargo. If you are at a distance of not more than 40 KM within the borders of Istanbul and your purchases are loaded, it is delivered by us. The delivery method varies according to the current situation or according to our agreement.
  • Do Your Occupational Safety Products Have a Guarantee?
    Yes, we give 12 months warranty for our Seasonce Branded products.The guarantee of all the products we are dealers is given by the distributor company.
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